About Me

I'm a PM Lead @ Google who loves all things technology. I've studied at Monash University, Melbourne University and Stanford in range of areas spanning from Computer Science, Law and Finance. I live in California, USA.

At Google, I’ve worked in Ads, Shopping and AI. I'm currently a PM lead on the TensorFlow team scaling machine learning globally. I've worked to scale our on-device machine learning infrastructure to multi-billion devices, build and scale out our compiler infrastructure through multi-level intermediate representation with Chris Lattner and helped scale and build the broader TensorFlow team and product.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and have extensive experience in leading dynamic teams towards rapid growth and scaling disruptive ideas.

I've raised more than $4M+ from top Bay Area angels and venture capitalists for my previous startup, rapidly grown a startup to more than a $10M GMV run-rate, and recruited and managed large teams.

I'm Australian and grew up in Melbourne where the startup scene wasn't really in existence 10 years ago. I'm passionate about all things Australia too.

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