I'd like to introduce you to my new side project - Infinite Series.

Why the name Infinite Series? Sign up to the free course and you'll get a rich introduction to why.

Google has been nice enough to support me in allowing me to do this, although it's definitely not endorsed by them or an "Official Google PM course" - all the content is my own.

I've been doing Product Management a long time - I've moved from Australia to Silicon Valley, been through startups, raised $Ms & scaled them to hundreds of thousands of users, gone to Google and scaled products to many billions of users. I thought it would be a great time to start giving some of my knowledge and experiences back to others. I've been pretty humbled by my experiences and if I can help others - I'd love to do so. So I decided to start a series of Product Management courses ranging from those new to the field all the way to very experienced PMs and Leaders. I'm excited to see where this goes. You can signup right now for 2+ hours of free product management content including a background on my story.

At its heart, Infinite Series offers courses for product managers, both experienced and aspiring, to grow their skillset and collaborate with a network of global PMs. All courses are led by myself, a Senior Google Brain Product Manager, and featured many special guests from a range of leading technology companies. There has never really been a better time to get into technology and I'll teach you exactly how to do it.

We currently have 2 courses in our Self Paced Series: a Free Introductory Course and a Product Management Foundational course. Alongside 4 in our Instructor Led Series: Product Management I, Product Management II, Making the PM Transition and PM Leadership & Growth.

The self-paced series provides high quality video based instruction and offers insight into Infinite Series, a deep dive into product management and a preview of the type of content to expect in the Instructor Series. All Instructor Led courses are a mix of high quality video instruction, alongside weekly lectures with practical content, designed for you to up skill your product management career and discover the latest product techniques for you and your team.

You will learn what it takes to innovate, build and ship great products with real and practical material based on real use cases from senior leaders in the product space. More details on each course are available on our courses page.

It's going to be a fun adventure helping out, teaching and training the next generation of amazing product managers. I know I'm going to learn a heap along the way and ultimately that's what life's all about - what you give, you get.

Aug 24, 2020

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