have been sitting on some data for a while now that took me a considerable time to put together simply because there were no sources I could find on the Internet which provided it. This data is being released under a commercial licence share alike license solely because of the *pain in the ass* it was to compile and put together — not to mention the time involved. It is a list of 202 ISO Countries and their relevant States and Territories from all over the web since I couldn’t find one source that had the data aggregated easily.

I’ve tried to keep it relatively cheap in cost and the only reason a price is attached is because of the manual effort involved in getting this together — pretty much meaning it’s done and you don’t have to do anything. I am sure someone out there is going to find this data useful. Feel free to Contact Me at any time about this data if you have questions or queries.

Includes 202 Countries and total Unique States of 3697. Microsoft *.XLSX or *.XLS is downloadable.

  • ISO Alpha-2
  • ISO Alpha-3
  • ISO 3166 Country Name
  • Individual Country States

To find out more or visit the Data page above.

Feb 20, 2009
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