ithout a doubt, my favorite browser is Google Chrome. It’s incredibly fast, supports most HTML5 features, has an insanely fast JavaScript rendering engine and it doesn’t follow the large and bloated releases of Firefox and Internet Explorer who feel it’s better to release in “huge stages” instead of constantly releasing every 6 weeks as Google does to ensure that it’s users get the greatest features when they’re ready. In fact, Firefox are now moving to this strategy of smaller, faster releases and I really think it’s the best way to move forward in the browser market. Perhaps Microsoft might even follow suite [otherwise they’ll be left behind … again].

One little trick that you can try if you are using Google Chrome, is to tweak some of the settings to gain even greater performance. To get started simply type — “about:flags” — without the quotation marks into the Chrome omnibox and you’ll be presented with a whole range of additional options to tweak the browser performance for even greater loading speeds. To get started I recommend enabling:

  1. GPU Accelerated Compositing
  2. GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D [only on PC for now, sorry Mac users]
  3. Web Page Prerendering

and then hitting the “Restart Now” at the bottom once you’ve enabled the settings you want.

There are a whole lot of other nifty little addons that will speed up your performance but the current release I am using 9.0.597.107 is quite stable when these 3 additions are enabled. When you then visit any of your most favorite websites you’ll notice a substantial increase in your browsing speeds. There is nothing better than moving around the web at lightening speeds on a browser that loads faster, supports the latest technologies and is consistently improved every six weeks. If you don’t use Google Chrome or your Company is still stuck on Internet Explorer — I strongly urge you to update to Google Chrome.

You’ll never look back.

Mar 7, 2011

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