Tim Davis

Artificial Intelligence. Startups & more.


Co-founder & President of Modular with Chris Lattner, along with an incredible team who is rebuilding AI infrastructure for the world. We've raised $130M from the worlds best VC's and are hiring. I've studied at Monash University, Melbourne University and Stanford in range of areas spanning from Computer Science, Maths, Law and Finance.

Prior to Modular, I worked at Google in Ads, Shopping and ML for 6 years and built, used and scaled AI systems extensively across this period. I led product management for a lot of Google's core Production AI Infrastructure. I co-founded our on-device machine learning infrastructure, danced in front of 20K people @ I/O and scaled it to multi-billion devices, built and scaled out our compiler infrastructure through multi-level intermediate representation with Chris Lattner and helped scale and build the broader ML team and product portfolio touching thousands of engineers, hundreds of products and billions of users. It's been fun being part of scaling AI with Dance Like, Major TensorFlow events (TensorFlow 19, 2020 etc), Jason the Drummer (backstory), Great Barrier Reef (backstory, more details, more details) also featured Heavily at I/O 2022, and major technical advancements like Open Sourcing MLIR on Google Keynote and a bunch of technical infrastructure (here, here, here, here, here, here etc).

I have spent years with my team driving Google ML APIs (TensorFlow), Compilers (XLA & MLIR), Runtime infrastructure for Server (CPU/GPU/TPU) and on-device (Mobile/Micro/Web) along with an enormous of supporting infrastructure (XNNPack, Mediapipe) in addition to driving our open sourcing efforts. I also led our large model ML production infrastructure, helped scale Android ML, supported some our largest Google Cloud customers with their AI workloads and many other special projects. AI will change the world in untold ways, and it's been incredible to have been part of it from the early days.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and have extensive experience in leading dynamic teams towards rapid growth and scaling disruptive ideas. I've failed many times, but I've also been responsible for helping innovate and scale products that affect billions of people and impact the world through positive uses of AI.

I've raised from top Bay Area angels and venture capitalists for my previous startup, rapidly grown a startup to more than a $10M GMV run-rate. We went through an aquihire process with Google, but they only wanted some of the team, so that's how I ended up joining. I learnt a lot about grit, about how Silicon Valley and ecosystems work, and Google was an incredibly wonderful place to work with incredible people in it.

I believe leadership is built on trust - if you don't have that, no one will ever follow you or believe in you. Product success is always stepping back and remembering to be the user - user empathy is key. No matter what - always try to understand users problems, be a great storyteller and create & foster a phenomenal team. You aren't a leader until your team makes you one. After so many years of growing and learning, my leadership beliefs are encased in Modulars culture document.