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Artistic Craftmanship

Copyright is a set of exclusive rights which are automatically assigned to an original piece of work for the purposes of protecting the creator’s skill, labor and judgment involved in the production of the work as opposed to any creative merit derived from the work. The underlying premise for copyright protection is the impartial grant of an exclusive property right to control the replication and dissemination of the author’s work in order to moderate the supply of these works. Evidently, this secures and rewards the author with a financial incentive to keep producing the works, and acknowledges the creative effort and talent in deriving such works. Thus, it is obvious that there is a positive correlation between the financial incentive derived from the work and the degree of community recognition in endorsing the work. The recognition which is achieved by the author in the production of such works naturally spurs society to demand more of the said works, and therefore continues to stimulate the creative process forward.

About ME

Tim Davis

Co-Founder & President of Modular, teaming up with Chris Lattner alongside a world class team who is rebuilding AI infrastructure for developers everywhere. Love being a dad, running, startups, product management, leadership, being an Aussie and living in California.