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Law Notes & Papers

More than a 15 years ago now, I completed Juris Doctor and was one of the first students in Australia (at the time) to open source all my law notes for the benefit of others. While these are quite dated now, I've kept these up as a resource for anyone choosing to go down this route and hope these help as a free resource. I never became a practicing lawyer in Australia but the art of writing, structured thinking and lessons have proven invaluable over the years. There are also a list of papers that I've written over the years here as well.


This is mostly a historic archive of some academic papers that I have written over the years, and really just serves as a reference for students.

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Tim Davis

Co-Founder & President of Modular, teaming up with Chris Lattner alongside a world class team who is rebuilding AI infrastructure for developers everywhere. Love being a dad, running, startups, product management, leadership, being an Aussie and living in California.