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Corporate Debts

Crook Restaurants Ltd satisfies the definition of a company outlined in s9 of theCorporations Act 20011. While the company‟s degree of limitation is not specifically defined within the questions body, its relevance is unimportant in the analysis of the company‟s director‟s duties. CR Ltd director‟s structure typifies the common formation outlined in corporate society today. Sue, who is the managing director in assumed accordance with s201J, has been elected to run the managerial constituent of the company on the board‟s behalf. This specifically implies that she has power sequal to that of any of the remaining board members as detailed in s198C of the act.James, Ian and Henry are executive directors whose roles are to assist Sue, as the managing director, and supervise the day-to-day operations of the company2. Lee is anon-executive director, whose position as financial adviser is to provide independent views which are believed to be subjective to the nature of Crook Restaurants business.

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