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Privacy Right

The right to privacy in modern society is becoming increasing amorphous and has radically shifted from accepted societal normalities observed at the turn of the 21st century. Such a shift is highly correlated to the escalating use and reliance on technology which has brought about a transformative change in the manner that information is transmitted and disseminated.Indeed, and as is expected, the political reaction to such change has been slow and the intensifying commentary from both the judicature and the wider populace has subsequently gyrated the political focus onto this issue. Of course, the balance between parliament and the media is one which is fraught with danger as the former attempts to preserve and advocate against invasion of privacy while the later attempts to consistently drive its economic profit from the exploitation of it. Evidently, any anticipated change to privacy laws by parliament will attract the extreme attention of the media who will vehemently oppose the introduction of laws which in anyway restrict their journalistic freedoms.

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