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The internet is profoundly reshaping the manner in which we are interacting with technology in our world. It has transformed not only the way in which we share and communicate information but also how we locate, learn and explore different types of media online. Fundamental to the development of the internet is the principle of collaboration that exists between millions of different people scattered across the globe — who are able to connect, deliberate, ponder and solve complex problems which would have otherwise remained unsolvable. It is this organic and multi-lateral cooperative effort which has allowed researchers and entrepreneurs to innovate and create commercially viable applications which have not only increased the dissemination of media on the internet, but also improved the manner in which the internet is evolving.

About ME

Tim Davis

Co-Founder & President of Modular, teaming up with Chris Lattner alongside a world class team who is rebuilding AI infrastructure for developers everywhere. Love being a dad, running, startups, product management, leadership, being an Aussie and living in California.