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Location Based Services

I have often wondered whether people really understand Location BasedServices (LBS) technology and whether they would like a bit more insight into how exactly location based services work, and more importantly –what information is actually passed from your phone to a server in order to establish your exact location co-ordinates. Obviously, in building Fluc we need to know all about location based services technologies. Most of the time, the accuracy of your co-ordinates is entirely correlated to the accuracy of the method being used to determine your location - such that some methods use mathematical approximations to determine your location, and others use global positioning data bounced from satellites to gain a more accurate understanding of your position. Of course, some use a combination of both. All of the methods will explain below do, very much, depend on your surroundings as well. Obviously, if you are surrounded by iron sheeting 100 meters underneath the ground - your location will be pretty hardto determine. Conversely, if you are standing next to a mobile phone tower and can see 5 other towers and have a clear vision of the sky - your position is going to be very accurate.

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