A look into the future of webvideo through a cool new hack that was created by a YouTube creator.

All I can say is — this is the coolest thing I have seen on Youtube perhaps ever! It’s basically an interactive video where you get to the choose the path you take at the end of each “stage”. Do you remember reading those sci-fi books — Choose your Own Adventure — where you get to choose the path you take and the combination of different paths was almost limitless ? Well now imagine a video version that basically takes the same approach.

The beauty of web videos done in this manner is that they are highly engaging to the end user — which means that more eyeballs see them and therefore the opportunities for advertisers are huge. The ROI in producing something like this with a brand sponsor would be massive. Even internal product placements and ‘sponsored themes’ would enable advertisers to subtlety introduce their products into the videos without ruining the user experience by having pre-or-post role ads etc.

Really, really cool and well done. Check it out!