Windows 7 has a Default Gateway problem that is easily resolved by reseting the winsock.

So I am all excited to install the new Windows 7 Ultimate x64 operating environment. The installation was a breeze — but the internet setup not so. I would have thought that the internet setup would have been a piece of cake — but unfortunately I was sorely mistaken. Now I am a huge Microsoft Fan (although I also use an iMac) and was a bit perturbed when this happened — hoping that Mum & Dad Windows 7 users wouldn’t face the same issues. The solution was relatively easy to fix but did require a little bit of playing around as the cmd → Run as Administrator console was denying all relevant “ipconfig /renew” or “ipconfig /release” commands.

In the end — I discovered the solution as:

  1. If you have already setup your internet and you are now getting this error — you MUST click Start → Type “cmd” → Right Click → Run as Administrator
  2. A black window will appear (for those who have never done this) — you must type in “netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt” and “netsh winsock reset c:winsock.txt
  3. You must now reset your computer.
  4. On reboot — right click on the “Network Connections” and open the “Network & Sharing Center”
  5. Click on whatever connection you have — a new window will appear with “Details, Properties, Disable, Diagnose” buttons
  6. Click on “Properties” and then uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCIP/IPv6)” checkbox.
  7. Click OK and then Close.

Now you can either Reopen this console if you need to enter a Static IP Address or you can ask Windows to find your Network via the “Network & Sharing Center”. Everything will now work (or should anyway!)