hings like bombings make you loose all faith in humanity. Senseless destruction by someone with such minute intelligence that they believe the greatest effect on life is inflicted by hiding in the shadows. Hasn’t humanity shown time and time again that shadows do nothing but strengthen the collective resolve ? Good will always triumph evil because humans are fundamentally good, fundamentally kind, and fundamentally caring. If this were not so, we would have destroyed ourselves long ago. Attempting to destroy one another achieves nothing.

September 11 destroyed my faith and the aftermath restored it. Boston does the same and then you read stories like this.

“With the first blast, Mr. Arredondo jumped over the fence and ran toward the people lying on the ground. What happened next, he later recounted to a reporter: He found a young man, a spectator, whose shirt was on fire. He beat out the flames with his hands. The young man, who turned out to be Jeff Bauman, had lost the lower portion of both legs. He took off a shirt and tied it around the stump of one leg. He stayed with Mr. Bauman, comforting him, until emergency workers came to help carry him to an ambulance. He helped only one man, Mr. Bauman.”

This is why “they” — the weak, senseless and unknown perpetrators — will never win. Their cause will never be greater than the cause of good, than the core values that we cherish as a society nor than the fundamental nature of human beings. To be human is to repel such evil with all your being and remember that most of our world fundamentally cares about the rest of those in it. When such a notion no longer holds true, then we will no longer exist as a planet. History, however, has proven to us time and time again that this will never be the case. Since life began as we know it — good has always triumphed and it will again now. Evil has no place in this world and the world always manages to find a way to extinguish its presence one way or another. The sheer number of good people on earth always manage to crush the tiny, insignificant number of evil ones regardless of the deadly effect that small number may have.

Thus, it is true that when disaster strikes, the human spirit naturally and organically manifests itself and kicks in — selfless acts always outshine the evil ones. The holding of a hand, the comforting of an injured person and the utmost action to save a life is what humanity stands for in all of its raw and beautiful form. The mere nanosecond of time when the human brain isn’t wired to think of oneself but rather think of someone else in need. As long as humanity continues along that path — evil cannot win no matter how much heartache it can cause when it appears.

Thats the way it has always been, thats the way it will always be. Good will always triumph.

Apr 17, 2013

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