Online classes in product management from industry leaders to grow your skillset and learn the best techniques in building and scaling products.

I'd like to introduce you to my new side project - A Udemy course on becoming a Product Manager that is completely free (although Udemy doesn't allow you to set a free rate). Use the coupon: 92E15802B3645631A379 to get it free or send me a message.

Google has been nice enough to support me in allowing me to do this, although it's definitely not endorsed by them or an "Official Google PM course" - all the content is my own.

I've been doing Product Management a long time - I've moved from Australia to Silicon Valley, been through startups, raised $Ms & scaled them to hundreds of thousands of users, gone to Google and scaled products to many billions of users. I thought it would be a great time to start giving some of my knowledge and experiences back to others. I've been pretty humbled by my experiences and if I can help others - I'd love to do so. So I decided to start a series of Product Management courses ranging from those new to the field all the way to very experienced PMs and Leaders. I'm excited to see where this goes.

You will cover a range of critical topics that Google Product Leaders learn, in addition to many other critical foundational topics for product management. These includes:

What is a PM?

Think you know what a product manager is? Learn what it takes and their different roles.

You're not the CEO

Lead without authority, influence your peers and learn how to push a product forward.

3 Pillars of PM

Get educated on the 3 pillars of being a PM and learn how to weld them to your advantage.

PM Set at their Level

Gain insight into how your PM experience and level changes your responsibilities.

VSR Cycles

Vision, strategy and roadmaps are critical to get right. Make them effective.


All PMs have to execute effectively. Learn execution failings & successes.

What PMs should do

Ensure you know what to spend your time on, and what not to spend it on.

Success & Failure

Learn about Team success and failures and identify common points throughout.

Better Leadership

Learn how to become a better leader across your team, product and company.

Getting Hired as a PM

Get introductory insight into what it takes to get hired as a PM to leading companies.

Types & Levels

Understand the types of Products, different types of PMs and PM Levels.

Product Cycles & PMF

Learn about managing the product cycle, and identify product market fit.

Who this course is for:
  • Product Management Foundations is for PMs, Engineers, Designers, Data Scientists, Marketers
  • Any level of experience - from no experience to more senior product leaders.
  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders looking for product insights
  • Anyone interested in products, how they grow and the effective management of them