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Modular: Next-generation AI developer platform

Raising $30M to build the next-generation AI platform for the world.

Founding Modular

We are bringing together the world's best AI infrastructure talent to improve AI production development and deployment.

Infinite Series - Become a Product Manager & change the world

Online classes in product management from industry leaders to grow your skillset and learn the best techniques in building and scaling products.

Challenge things. Think big.

Doing something different is hard. Attempting to make other people believe in what you’re doing is even harder. It’s hard to recruit new people to any business. Most people opt to stay safe, to go into large organizations, to earn their salary and do their work.

When to be a hacker. When not.

Can a person be both a great entrepreneur and a great hacker? Its a common question that startup founders ask themselves.

How much do you want it ?

The question is how much do you want it ? A video that simply asks: How bad do you want it?

Passion — A Definition

Why do people do what they do ? I am reading a fascinating book at the moment that I encourage everyone to go out and read to really discover what they want to do with their lives. It’s a book by Carmine Gallo called The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success and it’s a fantastic read.

Customer Service is King

It goes without saying that by setting up your staff to be happy, you are maintaining their enthusiasm to be engaged in your business and as a facet of this — be engaged in the customer. The customer drives revenue, and the revenue sales drive the ability to keep staff happy and the business ticking over.