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Open Source and Patents

I was asked to post a paper I wrote a little while ago relating to Open Source Software and Patents — given the prominence of this subject at the moment. The internet is profoundly reshaping the manner in which we are interacting with technology in our world. It has transformed not only the way in which we share and communicate information but also how we locate, learn and explore different types of media online.

ACTA — Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

A study of ACTA and a conclusion around the time the ACTA agreement was finalized.

Works of Artistic Craftmanship and Copyright

Copyright is a set of exclusive rights which are automatically assigned to an original piece of work for the purposes of protecting the creator’s skill, labor and judgment involved in the production of the work as opposed to any creative merit derived from the work.

Disclosure is necessary but not sufficient for effective securities regulation

The regulation of information dissemination in free markets is a vital aspect in ensuring that investors and business are protected, and security markets maintain their integrity. Disclosure is a core component in each of these three objectives such that it ensures investors are able to make accurate and timely decisions.

Civil Procedure — Offers of Compromise

The engagement in litigation is synonymous with risk and the inherent probability that the case brought forth against the defendant may fail. The burden of costs imposed on a party who has unreasonably rejected an otherwise reasonable offer of compromise has been a long established rule of judicial engagement.

Entrepreneurial Risk in Corporate Law

The balance between entrepreneurial risk-taking and a director’s corporate responsibility are inversely correlated under current securities law.

The Use of Trademarks in Meta Tags & Sponsored Links

The unparalleled advance of the Internet in the modern era has lead to vast new opportunities for marketers in the digital realm.

Free Australian Law Papers - Voluntary Confessions

A paper considering the fundamental rule of evidence involves determining the admissibility of evidence by balancing the probative value of that evidence and the prejudicial effect of admitting it.