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Using TensorFlow Lite Micro to help Jason find his Rhythm

Learn how TensorFlow Lite Micro helped Jason find his rhythm after loosing his arm

Free Data and Datasets

Here is a list of data that I have compiled which I providing freely. I ask that any updates are sent back to me for the benefit of everyone else.

Setting up a Msysgit Server with copSSH on Windows

A walk through of how to setup Msysgit Server with copSSH on Windows.
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List of ISO Countries and States

I have been sitting on some data for a while now that took me a considerable time to put together simply because there were no sources I could find on the Internet which provided it. A list of 202 ISO Countries and their relevant States and Territories from all over the web since I couldn’t find one source that had the data aggregated easily.

Free Australian Law Notes - Constitutional Law Notes

A summary of the equity law requirements for lawyers practicing in Australia and detailed law notes that make equity law study simpler.
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Open Source Software — Are patents going to stop the open source movement?

‘The granting of software and e-commerce business method patents is inconsistent with open and co-operative development of the internet. The grant of such patents will inhibit the future development of new and innovative web technologies and threatens to destroy the Open Source Software movement’. Do you agree?
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Olson Time Zone Database to Standard Windows Time Zone v0.1

Open sourcing some data related to the Oslon Time Zone and OpenID which provides a Windows Standard Format Conversion to make it easier for people to utilize it in this fashion.