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Saving the Great Barrier Reef with Machine Learning

Helping save the Great Barrier Reef using TensorFlow and the power of Machine Learning

MLIR - Open Source Infrastructure for the world

MLIR offers new infrastructure and a design philosophy that enables machine learning models to be consistently represented and executed on any type of hardware.

Google I/O & On-Device ML with TensorFlow Lite

Dancing on stage at Google I/O 19 in front of 15,000 was a fun experience and inspiring.

Machine learning crash course summarized

So you want to get started with Machine Learning and not entirely sure where to turn? At Google, we run everyone through the Machine Learning Crash Course — which can kick start your learning and knowledge with a range of tutorials and content.

Optimize Google Chrome

Without a doubt, my favorite browser is Google Chrome. It’s incredibly fast, supports most HTML5 features, has an insanely fast JavaScript rendering engine and it doesn’t follow the large and bloated releases of Firefox and Internet Explorer who feel it’s better to release in “huge stages” instead of constantly releasing every 6 weeks as Google does to ensure that it’s users get the greatest features when they’re ready.

Gmail Security Ideas — A Multi-Stage Sign Up

A look at Gmail in 2010 and what Google could be doing to improve the security of Gmail to protect users accounts.