Dancing on stage at Google I/O 19 in front of 15,000 was a fun experience and inspiring.

It was super fun to speak at Google I/O Developer Keynote this year about the amazing work the TensorFlow Lite team has done on scaling on-device ML globally. You can checkout the video of the presentation below which showcased a new interactive form of video and the ability to scale that to a range of new device platforms.

The TensorFlow Lite team, combined with other internal Google Research and performance teams, showcased whats now possible utilizing on-device ML with a Pixel 3 and the GPU delegation improvements that we have previously announced. Here’s the video giving a deeper dive into the making of Dance Like:

If you want to learn more about TensorFlow Lite, I would highly recommend you watching the individual TensorFlow Lite talk at I/O 19 where Sarah and I discuss our roadmap and other interesting use cases.