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Founding Modular AI

We are bringing together the world's best AI infrastructure talent to improve AI production development and deployment.

Saving the Great Barrier Reef with Machine Learning

Helping save the Great Barrier Reef using TensorFlow and the power of Machine Learning

Using TensorFlow Lite Micro to help Jason find his Rhythm

Learn how TensorFlow Lite Micro helped Jason find his rhythm after loosing his arm

MLIR - Open Source Infrastructure for the world

MLIR offers new infrastructure and a design philosophy that enables machine learning models to be consistently represented and executed on any type of hardware.

Machine learning crash course summarized

So you want to get started with Machine Learning and not entirely sure where to turn? At Google, we run everyone through the Machine Learning Crash Course — which can kick start your learning and knowledge with a range of tutorials and content.

AI in Africa and GAN humor

A look at AI is going to shape the future of Africa and a humorous look into GAN violence.

AI Datasets and StanfordNLP

A look at AI datasets and some new work thats been released from Stanford NLP department.

ML Text Classification from Google

A new great guide from Google on text classification and covers a range of important practices to get started.