Modular has raised $100M to fix AI infrastructure for the world's developers

Chris Lattner and I started Modular to help improve AI infrastructure for the world, and to enable the next wave of AI innovation to be truly unlocked on the world's hardware.

We are so excited to announce this $100M raise, and beyond proud of what our world-class team, incredible customers and partners have enabled us to achieve. Our AI Engine is the world's fastest and has 10K's of customers lining up for its unparalleled performance and usability, and our new programming langue in - Mojo 🔥 - already has a developer community of >120K+ developers in just 4 months.

This round was led by General Catalyst, in Deep Nishar&Christopher Kauffman, and filled out by existing investors in GV (Google Ventures) with Dave Munichiello, SVA in Steven Lee&Ronny Conway, Greylock in Saam Motamedi and Factory - amazing leaders and incredible people.

We are so fortunate to work with them, and their belief, to build and create change in the world.And of course, changing the world is never easy - but we are so incredibly determined to continue to do so. AI is so important to the future of humanity, and we feel a great purpose to truly improve AI's usability, scalability, portability and accessibility for the worlds developers and enterprises.

Join us on this incredible journey, and let's change the world together 🚀!

You can read more on the Modular blog.