We are bringing together the world's best AI infrastructure talent to improve AI production development and deployment.

After working for years in the AI/ML space - I’ve left Google and decided it's time for a new approach to building machine learning infrastructure. Chris Lattner and I, along with an incredible team of talented architects, engineers and product leaders are teaming up to rebuild it from the ground up and truly help the world of AI.

The next generation of product breakthroughs will be powered by production quality infrastructure that brings together the best of compilers and runtimes, is designed for heterogeneous compute, edge to datacenter distribution, and is focused on usability. Unifying software and hardware with a "just works" approach that will save developers enormous time and increase their velocity.

We are incredibly excited about the mission before us and if you are interested in joining us to change the world - just reach out via www.modular.com. We’re hiring everywhere. The future is super exciting and bright!