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Open Source and Patents

I was asked to post a paper I wrote a little while ago relating to Open Source Software and Patents — given the prominence of this subject at the moment. The internet is profoundly reshaping the manner in which we are interacting with technology in our world. It has transformed not only the way in which we share and communicate information but also how we locate, learn and explore different types of media online.

ACTA — Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

A study of ACTA and a conclusion around the time the ACTA agreement was finalized.

Law Clerkships — The Naked Truth

A look at Law Clerkships in Australia from my perspective which is a frank analysis of the industry and how law is evolving.

Facebook Privacy Checker

Ensure that you check your Facebook privacy settings and that they are set to a level that ensures you are being scammed.

Oppose Senator Stephen Conroy’s Internet Filter

A thought article on Stephen Conroys internet filter and whether or not Australia should truly engage with it.

Introducing All Things Law Forum

I get a lot of people coming to this site and asking me questions about my Law Notes, Papers and a range of law questions in general. To assist with this process and to allow other people to provide their view on a particular subject, clerkship and a raft of other similar questions — I have created a new forum on this site — aptly named All Things Law.

The Art of Law

A satirical poem I wrote about law, meant to amuse those in the industry who understand the funnier narcissistic side of law.

Free University Notes Published Open Source

As part of my general strategy to try and help students in as many ways as possible, I have decided to open source my university notes to everyone.