As part of my general strategy to try and help students in as many ways as possible, I have decided to open source my university notes to everyone.

As part of my general strategy to try and help students in as many ways as possible, I have decided to open source my university notes to the general populace. Yes, basically all my old notes, as well as my new notes (as they arrive) are available for general download on the Notes Page Here.

If you find these notes useful — please share them. Facebook, Twitter or Email is an easy place to start to help others.

Many thousands of hours have been put into compiling these notes and I really hope that many people benefit from using, updating, recompiling and most importantly — sharing these notes with their friends and collegues. The more information we can cram into these notes, the more it will help teachers, tutors and students in the future lecture and learn the material without have to stress about spending so much time formatting, arranging and typing up notes for exams. This is a trial project, so I’m really just putting it out there to see how it will go.

Why am I doing this ?

Well a lot more information is available on the page itself but basically (to quote myself) I am hoping:

I have decided to release my all my university notes online in *.docx format for all the world to use. The idea behind these notes is that people can get access to solid summaries and not have to stress out about typing them up. The biggest frustration that I have experienced in my Commerce, Masters of Business Law & Juris Doctor degrees is a lack of quality “soft copy” notes about a subject. The entire point of me releasing these notes is for the academic community to keep an updated set of notes that everyone has access too. Take a positive attitude, and if something isn’t included in these notes — add it in and send me an updated version. You have freely benefited by all the time I have put into them, and since I could easily charge for these notes I think its not too much to ask that any updates are sent back to me.

So yes, feel free to download then notes at your leisure — but please take note of the license under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License. I really only request a few things:

  1. If you add in content to these notes — feel free to send me an updated version so they can be shared for everyone else’s benefit.
  2. The copyright footer must stay in the notes (if you are unsure what this means click on the Creative Commons link above)

Feel free to let me know any idea’s, problems, questions, suggestions and so forth that you may have. The more we can work to improve these notes in Australia — the better off students, and the entire academic community, will be.