A new great guide from Google on text classification and covers a range of important practices to get started.

A great guide for those new to ML on text classification from Google. Covers a range of important practices and how to get started. Link

~ Facebook releases, Rosetta, a large scale system for text detection and recognition in images. Whats so great about this — is that they taught the model using Curriculum learning — which is basically how humans learn — starting with easy words and progressively getting harder over time. You can read the research PDF here and checkout the promo video below.

~ Machine learning will be the global engine of growth. A great article by the Financial Times — which basically characterizes ML as a general purpose technology that act as a human augmentation layer to improve life around us. Read here

~ When Recurrent Models Don’t Need to be Recurrent. The article basically discusses how feed-forward models can actually achieve the same accuracies as their recurrent counterparts on benchmark tasks. Link

~ Four Ways AI Is Leveling The Retail Playing Field Versus Amazon. Basically discusses how AI is helping retailers through application of technologies like chat bots, inventory optimization and so on. Good read for retailers that are wondering how AI can help transform their businesses. Link